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HI BOBCATS:) I'm a Student Assistant at the Students First Center-UC Merced. I'm here to help in anyway possible!
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Posted on 28, August 2014 August 28 2014 2014年8月28日 by andreasfc

First Day of Instruction!

It’s insane how exactly 3 years ago, I was in the same spot the freshmen were in…and now I’m a SENIOR. 

UC Merced had made many impacts in my life-good the bad and then some. All of which were all great experiences that I had, and made me the person I am today. It’s been awesome transitioning into a guppy to a almost full grown fish that can explore the scope of the ocean soon…

GAH enough of my jibber jabber…my intent on writing this was to tell Freshmen and new transfers that what you can get here at UC Merced is not apparent anywhere else. Not only do you see raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, flocks of birds, cows, snakes, and random insects you also get to experience the awesome size of classes and the close interactions you can get with your professors. Plus, the clubs here are all pretty amazing…we have everything. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I’ve been here for a while, and my job really helped with getting to know more about this institution as well.

Good luck Bobcats! And congrats and your first day!

Posted on 19, August 2014 August 19 2014 2014年8月19日 by andreasfc

Tips for College From College Seniors For You Freshmen :)

1) My advice for freshmen is to trust their gut in all decisions they make. Do whatever YOU feel most comfortable with regardless of what your friends may think. Be friends with everyone and don’t stand for “groups” “your crew” “your girls” because in most cases that’s just a euphemism for a clique.

2) Remember, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a story so before judging or assuming try to just listen. I still catch myself everyday guilty of this, assuming someone is crabby for no reason or being rude just to be rude– you’ll be amazed at the stories you hear when you let someone talk for five minutes.

3) Don’t feel like you need to be best friends with the people in your hall  because of your proximity. Be selective about those who get to spend time with you.

4) Everyone is probably telling you right now that these will be the happiest four years of your life. What they probably aren’t telling you is that these will also be some of the worst years of your life. In college you will feel on top of the world and utterly defeated (sometimes in the same day). So just try to remember that you’re not doing anything wrong if you’re having a hard time. And before you jump to any conclusions about how much happier everyone else is, and how much more fun they’re having than you, go sit down and talk to a friend. You’d be surprised by how many people feel lost and directionless at least some point in their college careers.

5) Try to learn something new, whether it’s about yourself or what you’re studying. School is still so much fun, and it’s the last time you’re going to get the chance. Learn the things you can’t learn outside a classroom, though those things can often be more important.

6) Going to the cafeteria alone is not weird; it means you’re okay with yourself.

7) I won’t lie to you: College is going to turn your world upside down in both the best and worst ways possible. You will lose yourself, and you will find yourself again. You will most likely change your major, and your roommates will probably become your best friends. Inevitably, you will see more of them than you ever thought you’d want to (literally – my roommates frequently parade around my apartment in just t-shirts and underwear). But, they are also the people who will come to know you better than you know yourself and some days you are really going to need that. Never let the fear of failure inhibit you from doing what you know you actually want to do. As cliché as this is about to sound, be sure to revel in every bit of these next four years because it will go faster than you could ever imagine.