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HI BOBCATS:) I'm a Student Assistant at the Students First Center-UC Merced. I'm here to help in anyway possible!
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Posted on 06, October 2014 October 06 2014 2014年10月6日 by andreasfc

Too Excited RN!

Got good news on Friday, Bobcats:)!

I’ve been accepted into the Study Abroad Program at the University of Bristol for the Spring 2014 term!

Once I got the news, everything seemed to feel weird and amazing. I was in class still when I found out, but let’s just say that I paid attention….but the last ten minutes of class all I wanted to do was get out of my seat and DANCE. 

A lot of my friends that have graduated with their BA’s have told me that their only regret was that they have never taken the opportunity to go abroad. So I of course called up my family and friends and told them that I’d be going for them, and vlogging/blogging all of what’s to come :) 

If any of you Bobcats are interested in Studying Abroad, CHECK OUT WHAT UC Merced has to offer you!

Here’s their link:

Also, their department is very close to the Students First Center, so don’t be afraid to drop by to ask where it is if you would like to go in person :)